Hotel Chiriqui

Chiriqui hotels are known for good service, good food and Chiriqui friendliness. Hotels in Chiriqui aren’t hard to come by. All you need to say is “Hotel Chiriqui” and someone from the province of Chiriqui will point you in the right direction. You can find panama surf hotels, panama mountain hotels in Chiriqui. This means that if you are looking to go surfing while in the province, you won’t have a hard time while in Panama. Isn’t it great to know that mountain hikes in Panama can just be at the door step of your Boquete Hotel?  Once again, all you need to say is “Hotel Boquete” and someone will get you going in the right direction. Not only will you find surf camps in Panama, but you can also find fishing charters in Panama. Why stay at an average panama hotel when you can stay at a hotel that will be exciting and to your interest. The Gulf of Chiriqui has some of the best fishing in the world. Recently the Chiriqui Gulf is becoming more and more recognized for the amazing panama style spearfishing that can be done. Make sure you give special attention to Morro Negrito surf camp, Las Lajas and other wonderful hotels in panama that offer exciting adventures. And if you really fall in love with the beauty of Chiriqui, just buy real estate in cerro punta, boquete or volcan.

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